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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


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Group Dog Hike $36

No longer accepting new hiking clients

Group of 6 dogs maximum to ensure polite, positive socialization is happening with all the dogs on each hike. During our outings we will practice some basic obedience (sit, stay, down, name recognition) along with recall practice. Each dog will learn that putting a leash on is a positive experience. We will work on patience and manners for best practices when exiting the car and begining new adventures.
You can expect your dog to be gone from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours depending on the group and day. Our one hour hike will begin and end on the trail.


Cat Sitting $30

$35 for two visits per day

$45 for two visits per day

Coastal paws cares for your cats as their own! We will come spend some quality time with them, clean the litter box and top up water/ food.


Polite Paws $95

The Best for Your Pet

 Private one on one training with an A.B.C. certified graduate to cater to your individual dogs learning needs. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, this program is for all ages.You will learn basic dog psychology to better communicate with your canine while building a strong relationship with them. This will be done through positive guidance and reinforcement.Here is a short list of the many skills that can be taught through this program.• Loose Leash Walking• Recall• Stay/Sit/Down/Stand• Work Through "nuisance" Behaviours• Cooperative Care (brushing, nail trim ect)• Focus/ Engagement • Excitement (impulse control)• Confidence Building


Tricks Class $180

Putting Your Pet First

Learn 12 novice tricks in this 6-week online course. 

Tuesday's starting on January 31, 2023  

Build confidence in you and your dog. Build a strong bond and let's have fun!
Classes will be held in a live zoom group each week with an invitation to share your progress in our private Facebook group.
Please email for more information or to have your name added to the class.
Only 4 spots will be available 

Dog in the Park

Outdoor Group Class

Responsible & Reliable

Covering some of the essentials with dog training, you will learn skills to better communicate with your dog as we go along with teaching our dogs basic obedience cues such as
• Sit
• Down
• Stay
• Loose Leash Walking
Along with many other skills and good timing for reinforcement.
Things to know about our Outdoor Group Class.
• This class is run for one hour each week
   for 5 weeks
• 5 dogs maximum per class
• We will keep a distance of atleast 6 feet
   apart from each dog. The dogs are in
   class to practice focusing on their
   humans around distractions. ( please
   keep dog to dog interactions for after
   the one hour class.)
• All dogs will need proof of first and
  second set of vaccinations.
• Class is run rain or shine so please dress
   for the weather.
• One dog per handler.
• Cost for this 5 week group class is $245 (all taxes included).
Refund Policy
Full refund will be given with 72 hours notice of cancellation from the group class.
Once the class has started no refunds will be granted but can discuss options for a credit if the dog is not suitable for a group setting environment at that time.
Email to register

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