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About Shannon McDaniel

My passion for dogs has grown more and more with each foster dog I take in to my home. It's truly been an amazing experience having 18 different dogs come through my door in the past two years. Different mixed breed dogs with different personalities all the while making sure things go smooth with my own dog Lucha. After completing two years of College in 2004, I went on to work in the Early Childcare Education field for three years in Ontario. In 2007 I moved to Victoria where I have discovered my love for the outdoors rain or shine! I have looked after dogs and cats while people are away and even take dogs for walks when my friends need a helping hand. It was only a matter of time before starting my own company Coastal Paws. I continue to learn body language and dog communication with my volunteer work at puppy socials and helping at pack walks weekly with a dog trainer."Some of our greatest treasures we put in museums, others we take for walks."- Unknown



Langford, BC V9B, Canada

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