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Shannon McDaniel

My passion for learning all dog things continues to grow.​

From reading books, to participating in workshops, seminars as well working along side other trainers is a joy of mine.

Cricket and I participate in Disc and Agility and of course are always working on new tricks. She has her Novice and intermediate trick certificate as well as a certificate for her Herding Instincts Test. We are currently learning Nosework right now too. Cricket is a firecracker who loves anything I throw her way. We both like to stay busy learning. 


Dr. Ian Dunbar

- 3 day seminar on prevention, resolving

   behaviour problems, learning theory and

   offleash lure reward training.


- Children and Dogs

Pat Miller

- Excitability 

Susan Garrett

- Recalls

Malena Demartini

- Seperation Anxiety 

Sue Sternbergs

- Assessing Dog to Dog Reactivity

Completion of my certificate with Animal Behavior College and apprenticeship hours through SmartDog Training

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