My Story

About Shannon McDaniel

My passion for dogs has grown more and more with each foster dog I take in to my home. It's truly been an amazing experience having more then 18 different dogs come through my door. Continuing my education on dog behaviour has been important to me from reading books by dog behaviourists to taking workshops and seminars. The most recent seminar I have completed was by Dr. Ian Dunbar. This seminar was 3 days worth of online videos covering prevention and resolving behaviour problems, learning theory redux and off leash lure reward training.

With many hours of volunteer work with puppy social classes and the different trainers I have worked with for my own dog and the foster dogs that I have had, has given me a wealth of information that I will continue to grow.

I am originally an Ottawa, Ontario girl who moved out this way in 2007. Once I made the move to Victoria I discovered my love for the outdoors rain or shine!

"Some of our greatest treasures we put in museums, others we take for walks."- Unknown